Well that was an

eyefull for sure! The strip tease show! It was fully packed of course with screaming women including the seven of us from our year two class! No penises were exposed thank heavens and no one pressured me into having a drink before hand either.:-).So all in all a good night. The girls are all going dancing afterwards but I’ve come back home to my Grey’s Anatomy and hot chocolate before bed:-) Aaa:-). The show? It was okay. Flesh were exposed. Men griped and grind but it didn’t turn me on in the slightest. Maybe there is something wrong with me or the age of the men in the show. All I could think of was the way my Muse looked that day half naked in his trunks painting a farm machinery in his dad’s front garden. Now that. That just makes me want to rip the rest of his clothes off and turn up at his house at 3am with nothing but a dressing gown to show him just what kind of wild animal I could really be. Only he turns me on. Dear  lord I hope he just gives in one day to this wild chemistry between us and invite me over for steak and chips and a look around his green house:-) I’d really love to see his greenhouse:-):-):-)

My co worker invited me over for lunch today and another one dropped by in the afternoon:-). First time ever. But second anniversary of mum’s death and you know what?  I spend the day happy and I think she would have approved. I love you mum. And miss you dearly. Each and every day. Now excuse me while I go back to my hot chocolate and Grey’s Anatomy. I don’t want to miss a thing. And would you believe it’s still a big beautiful moon outside? :-)God bless you all from England:-).

I can feel the tangible freshness

of spring coming already. Aàaaa:-) The promise of new leaves and baby lambs and tiny birds hiding in big trees:-) Bring it on already! I took the kids bowling yesterday and they thoroughly enjoyed it. The banana bread I made the day before is gone and so is the second batch I made yesterday! Will have to pop to the shops today to get some more self raising flour and basic vanilla essence. A few activity centres should be opened too so they can burn off some energy in there for a few hours this morning. Then it’s time for surgery this afternoon! First it was teddy. Then it was Luigi and now there’s a sorry looking lamb on a pillow in the TV room besides me with my daughter’s doctor bag. And her big wide grin!See what I’ve started?!! Let’s just hope the word doesn’t spread or I’m going to have a room full of soft play toys before my coffee granules can melt properly into its juices! Heaven help me.

Hope the new year is being kind to you too :-).

Just finished the school

run in the pouring rain less than an hour ago! I mean coat soaking, youngest daughter under plastic cover in her buggy, glasses so drenched my son is bemusingly guiding us back the way home up the village lane rainfall. Never mind I’d only been suntanning in the back garden an hour before reading my newspaper with my face turned upwards:-). What peculiarity! But that’s the English weather for you! Pajamas and dressing gowns on I admonished with glee as we got in. Hot chocolate coming right up:-). Plus an afternoon movie:-). Hey…any excuse to enjoy a nice autumnal day:-).

And as for my happy juice….go figure but I’m still deliciously, suspiciously stomach relaxing, pores drenching mind tingling happy! I wish I could tell you what happened but I really have no idea. Caught the bug on Wednesday morning and it hasn’t left since. Had a busy day yesterday. Did the school run for another mum who had a poorly child. Then my son’s school had to shut midday because of a burst main water pipe in the village. So I brought home a few more kids home with me. Fed and entertained them all:-) until their dad came to collect them. Picked up the other one from an afternoons school run and took them for nuggets and fries afterwards:-) Quite a day but I enjoyed every minute of it.

I’m deciding whether to get a cat for my birthday coming up or not. One of my colleagues at work has even offered me hers. I got the brochure came through for the introduction agency my friend mentioned but I can’t do it even though I’m lonely and would love a decent male to talk to. I have a lovely male gardener who turns up every two weeks, who’s very reliable and kind and respectful and stops to chat awhile every time he comes, who is very happily married but there’s no one else. I’m very too shy for my own good. Even my ex the kid’s dad is asking me what’s the matter with me if I’m into ladies now! The damn cheek. But the trouble is I won’t even know where to start to meet a decent male nowadays. Someone said to just forget it and he whoever he is will turn up when I least expect it! Hence my cat idea. Think I’ll get a cat to keep me company for now:-):-). I had lots of cats growing up:-).

As for the other matter of my grief….yes I have seen him walk by since then, the love of my life, makes my blood sing the chemistry is so intense, but you can’t force someone to love you if they won’t. And to be honest I’ve shed all the tears I can and made peace with it. I’m a fundamentally happy child by nature and at some point I think my internal clock just went ‘enough of that shit gal’ and reset itself back to happy! So happy I shall be. Although I did wake up with a scripture in my head these past two days ‘ And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus’. Go figure. Maybe it’s God answering my prayers after all to remove all my pain and suffering.

From a soggy patch in England, have a peaceful night as well. Lots of love. Candy.

Woke up happy

this morning and stayed that way all day!

I keep checking to see where they’ve stashed the other Candy!!!:-):-):-)

Love the drawing in of winter. Cosy fires and candle burning. Music playing. Rustle of a good book. Mug filled with hot chocolate  as I wind down another day:-). Kids back home from their dad and all tucked up in bed. Chatting to neighbours. Helping out friends. Tying up loose ends. Afternoon coffee and baking.

Aaaa:-) I’d better wake up tommorow happy too or I will not be best pleased!:-):-):-) Have a good night everyone.

Did someone say it was

going to get up to 30 degrees Celsius today?! Did that same someone also saw my soul did a cartwheel in the kitchen, somersaulted out of the back door and then proceeded to do a thousand grass angels in the back garden? Yes:-). That happy! 🙂 and when I’m this happy..magic happens. No drugs here. Just high on life and the joy of being alive in a late Indian summertime. Try some. Happy juice:-). Whatever it is. Whatever’s bothering you. Still have a sip. Just a tiny one to start with if you must. You’ll never look at life the same way again!

Have a fab day. Going in search of those local water gardens again on the grounds of a fabulous Elizabethan manor this morning. Have to take my kid along, unless it won’t look legit me running through all the sprinklers getting gloriously wet!!!:-):-). haha. You take care of yourself now. God bless you always.

Childhood memories

Yesterday my son and I played intergalactic space war battles out of building blocks in the back garden after school. My poor daughter was trying to build me more ships as quickly as he was destroying them and at one point chastised ‘ mummy please take care with this one, I’ve only got three left in reserve!’ Well I’ll be needing those three shortly i laughed back and she grinned. I’m quite sure at one point the neighbours must have been thinking… she (me)…was having way too much fun. Possibly even a little more than my kids!:-):-):-). But my kids are not going to be young forever I reckon, and I’ll like to engrain them with a few precious childhood memories before they grow up:-). And on that note I did manage to win a few battles against my son:-) My daughter do know her ship building stuff I tell you. Will have to do a rematch next time. Hehe. Have a good day everyone. I’ve got a nursing course this morning.