I have no name

I seek no fame. Just an inner pathway to peace.

I went through six major life traumas last year(2015). My mum died. Dad died. Traumatic divorce. Women’s refugee. New job. Breast and cervical cancer scare. I live in a country away from my natural family. My friends are the only family I have here. Second Mum died. Love left me. So here I am again. Seeking to understand. Accept and let go as I’m unable to write anywhere else at the moment. I only survived last year by writing a blog to someone I loved deeply and still do. But I took that one down to preserve his right to privacy and freedom to love whom he chooses. This is not that blog.

This is about me finding my way back in the midst of all of life’s traumas and dramas. This is my therapy. My release. I do write poetry and I am quite spiritual so I will write as I’m lead. Some days lots and some days just one line. I write to find a friend. Love and inner abiding peace. I write to let myself know that it will be okay. That as spring follows winter so too the seasons of our lives will change and everything will be okay again. Yin and yang. Up and down. Have faith. Keep believing. You are not alone. You are not unheard. I hear you. I see you. I believe in you.
We will find our way back. God bless you.