Just finished the school

run in the pouring rain less than an hour ago! I mean coat soaking, youngest daughter under plastic cover in her buggy, glasses so drenched my son is bemusingly guiding us back the way home up the village lane rainfall. Never mind I’d only been suntanning in the back garden an hour before reading my newspaper with my face turned upwards:-). What peculiarity! But that’s the English weather for you! Pajamas and dressing gowns on I admonished with glee as we got in. Hot chocolate coming right up:-). Plus an afternoon movie:-). Hey…any excuse to enjoy a nice autumnal day:-).

And as for my happy juice….go figure but I’m still deliciously, suspiciously stomach relaxing, pores drenching mind tingling happy! I wish I could tell you what happened but I really have no idea. Caught the bug on Wednesday morning and it hasn’t left since. Had a busy day yesterday. Did the school run for another mum who had a poorly child. Then my son’s school had to shut midday because of a burst main water pipe in the village. So I brought home a few more kids home with me. Fed and entertained them all:-) until their dad came to collect them. Picked up the other one from an afternoons school run and took them for nuggets and fries afterwards:-) Quite a day but I enjoyed every minute of it.

I’m deciding whether to get a cat for my birthday coming up or not. One of my colleagues at work has even offered me hers. I got the brochure came through for the introduction agency my friend mentioned but I can’t do it even though I’m lonely and would love a decent male to talk to. I have a lovely male gardener who turns up every two weeks, who’s very reliable and kind and respectful and stops to chat awhile every time he comes, who is very happily married but there’s no one else. I’m very too shy for my own good. Even my ex the kid’s dad is asking me what’s the matter with me if I’m into ladies now! The damn cheek. But the trouble is I won’t even know where to start to meet a decent male nowadays. Someone said to just forget it and he whoever he is will turn up when I least expect it! Hence my cat idea. Think I’ll get a cat to keep me company for now:-):-). I had lots of cats growing up:-).

As for the other matter of my grief….yes I have seen him walk by since then, the love of my life, makes my blood sing the chemistry is so intense, but you can’t force someone to love you if they won’t. And to be honest I’ve shed all the tears I can and made peace with it. I’m a fundamentally happy child by nature and at some point I think my internal clock just went ‘enough of that shit gal’ and reset itself back to happy! So happy I shall be. Although I did wake up with a scripture in my head these past two days ‘ And the peace of God which transcends all understanding will guard your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus’. Go figure. Maybe it’s God answering my prayers after all to remove all my pain and suffering.

From a soggy patch in England, have a peaceful night as well. Lots of love. Candy.


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Live. Love. Forgive. Life's too short not to give yourself another chance. Peace and blessings be with you always. And remember to smile a while sometimes:-). Doesn't cost a thing! And besides...it makes you look absolutely gorgeous.

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