I took a drive today…

down winding back country lanes with blazing yellow trees in front of me and miles of green farmland all around me. Boxes of apples propped up against people’s houses for free giveaway and brave cyclists in bright coloured colouring feeling the wind in their faces.

I took a drive today after a lazy morning’s sit in at my local garden centre  chatting over cups of coffee with a dear dear friend:-). Gawking over Christmas decorations and  ladies who came to lunch in lavender suits with red hats. All fourteen of them!:-):-):-)

I took a drive away with the sun in my face and a song in my heart and thought to myself’ what a wonderful world!’ aaaaa:-)  Hope you had a fab day too. From a beautiful starry sky somewhere in England (you won’t believe how starry it is outside tonight, absolutely gorgeous) have a good night. Bless you.

Enjoyed a misty morning….

walk down the lane when I did the school run today:-). Then I popped in my car to join my friend in town for a quick cup of coffee. She’s recently moved house so I followed her back to hers in my car to see where she lived. Quite a nice neighbourhood actually with lots of houses and a corner fish and chips shop. I asked my son if he’d like to move house as nearly all my friends are in that area of town at the moment. But he looked at me and said only  if the next house we move into isn’t attached to anyone else with a bigger room for me! Fat chance I laughed. We’re staying put. Get used to it!:-):-):-).

Did a spot of gardening as well and gathered up all the fallen leaves I’d left from last time. Painted one side of my shed pink and then my sister rang to say one of our close cousins had fallen down the stairs and died! At this rate I’m soon going to have no body left. I was too distraught to answer her so I told her I’d ring her back later after the kids had gone to bed. Makes my heart and head hurt but it’s not worth dwelling on or I’ll have this nervous breakdown that I should have had from 2015. I just wished something positive would happen for a chance. So many deaths. So many unexpected:-(. Can’t cope with them all.

But I live and pray and hope on. Dinner is nearly ready so I’d best get the kids to wash their hands. Green peas with minni beef pies and gravy. It’s not even 5pm and it’s already been getting dark from half hour ago! I’ll upload one of my son’s favourite poems later. From a chilly night some where in England please wrap up warm and have a good night. God bless you.

To my dearest darling Muse

I still struggle to let you go. My arms long to hold you. My lips begged to kiss you. And every piece of me longs to come back home. To you. I see you as you walk by. Near enough to feel you. The heat melting my bones. But never near enough to smell the insides of your collarbone as you hold me close. As we used to. And as I long to still. I’m trying to respect your decision and wishes but I’d like you to know that at any time if you change your mind, you need only unlatch my gate, and come back home. I long to love you. To care for you. To hug you. To caresses you. To keep you. To be with you through thickness and thin. For better or worse. For the highs and the lows. To wrap you in my love and family. Laugh with you. Play with you. Pray for you. Make love to you. Cook for you. From the first momment that I saw you, all I’ve ever wanted was to bring you home.  This heart wasn’t made to hate you or bear grudges or hold a record of wrongs. This heart only wants to press up next to yours on a Sunday morning and go lub dub dub together. There is nothing to forgive. Nothing that can’t be fixed. You are worthy of family and laughter and peace. You are worthy of love. We are worthy of each other. If you still want me that is. Isn’t it time you change your mind and come back home?

I’ll be waiting. Always

Tu amor Candy.

Ps. I pray the whispers of the wind carries this to you today.

Love the sound blood

makes as it swooshes through the veins:-). I did a lot of manual blood pressure readings in my paediatric clinic this afternoon and loved every one of them. Loved the pinnie i had on over my regular uniform and chatting to the mums and kids as I checked them in. I love people plain and simple. Big people. Little people. Medium sized people. I just love people and showing God’s light and love and forgiveness through me for them. And smile. I love making people smile and feel better:-). It was a long hard day but happy one. Hope yours was too.