Did someone say it was

going to get up to 30 degrees Celsius today?! Did that same someone also saw my soul did a cartwheel in the kitchen, somersaulted out of the back door and then proceeded to do a thousand grass angels in the back garden? Yes:-). That happy! 🙂 and when I’m this happy..magic happens. No drugs here. Just high on life and the joy of being alive in a late Indian summertime. Try some. Happy juice:-). Whatever it is. Whatever’s bothering you. Still have a sip. Just a tiny one to start with if you must. You’ll never look at life the same way again!

Have a fab day. Going in search of those local water gardens again on the grounds of a fabulous Elizabethan manor this morning. Have to take my kid along, unless it won’t look legit me running through all the sprinklers getting gloriously wet!!!:-):-). haha. You take care of yourself now. God bless you always.

Had a busy day at work.

Was abit short on the ground so ended up being shift coordinator, running two busy clinics, plus helping with an afternoon airway emergency despite having another another restless night. Picked up my kids about 7pm from their godmothers house. Put them to bed. Fed myself. Watched abit of Tudors. And now ready for bed myself Did I bring my ace game? You bet your bottom dollar I did! :-):-) :-).  Sometimes….I amaze even myself!:-) Goodnight my dears. From a dreamy place in England:-)

I just love rainy days:-)

There’s something about waking up to it on a Saturday morning with coffee in hand, music playing, body swaying that puts me in such a good mood. No kids. Unopened newspaper. Long delicious day ahead. Don’t know whether to go out for lunch and a movie or just curl up on the sofa cross stitch in hand, classics on, just watching the heavens open in front of me:-). Aaaa. Decisions. Decisions. Feels autumnal almost. Time to get my slow cooker out soon:-) Smells of beef and ale stew with mini dumplings greeting me as I open the door. Aaa. Let it rain. Let it rain. Let it rain:-). Have a fab day too. Lots of love from a soggy patch in England. God bless:-)

Didn’t sleep so well

last night. A few minutes here, an hour there but the thoughts like vultures kept waking me up. Pressing upon me. Stealing the air I breathe. Penetrating my inner solitude to demand me to reexamine myself. Such is the curse of a Sagittarius sometimes. Forever seeking and searching for the answer even when the truth stares us courageously and boldly in the face. Will I ever accept it? Will I ever let it in? That I’ve tried and lost and that you are never going to be mines or let me in. How can I seek solace in another when the only arms I want to be in is yours? Such truths elude me. I grow tired of my empty bed.

Absolutely loved this:-) One day if I’m ever so lucky I hope I hear such words or somthing similar. We are all worthy of love even if my want list is too long!!:-):-)

Morning Word And then he turned to her and said… “I can’t do anything about your past but what I can do is something about your future. All I ask is that you genuinely give me a chance and not throw in the towel before we both get to experience something special. I’ve been hurt […]

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