Sliced mangoes. Orange juice. Warm cuddles.

Then I’m taking my kids on a surprise water picnic with another mum on the grounds on a local Elizabethan manor:-). I think they’ll love it. We walked through the local market on Friday after dropping my car off at the garage and they were enthralled. O please can we come back with baskets to select our own fruit and vegetables next time they asked. Most certainly I replied:-) most certainly. Topped up with a late breakfast and a stroll down to feed the ducks in the meadows later it would make for a very lovely morning out:-). If I like a little adventure don’t see why they won’t:-). Have a blessed day too.


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Live. Love. Forgive. Life's too short not to give yourself another chance. Peace and blessings be with you always. And remember to smile a while sometimes:-). Doesn't cost a thing! And makes you look absolutely gorgeous.

2 thoughts on “Pancakes….”

    1. You know I actually think I had more fun than my kids in the end!:-):-) amazing how many times they’d moved on to the next next water spray with the other mum who’d join us and I’d still be there waving my arms and getting my face and feet wet. Hey don’t move on so fast I’d grinned and tell them I was just getting the hang of this one!:-):-) it was hilarious.
      My reasoning…I paid a high entry to get into that place and it was my job as a parent to high test all if the features:-):-). Next time I’m taking my swimwear!:-). Hope summer is being kind to you too.

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