Fast food:-)


Sliced polenta. Red peppers. Thyme and pepper flakes salmon in tin foil. Sprinkled with a dash of lime juice, salt and bit of butter. Placed in oven on baking tray for about 18mins at 180°s ( fan assisted oven). Thrown together quickly while kids were putting their pajamas on and ready by time I got back downstairs again.

Trying to break the easy tomato soup and melted cheese route and get back into properly feeding myself again. Baby steps I say. Baby steps:-). I love thyme and lime juice. Brings a wisp of Caribbean food nostalgia in me. Aaaa. It’s time to start feeding myself properly again and not just the kids. I used to love cooking and baking. It’s time to fall in love with that part of myself all over again. Food is the esssence of life. Will start with fast food:-)


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Live. Love. Forgive. Life's too short not to give yourself another chance. Peace and blessings be with you always. And remember to smile a while sometimes:-). Doesn't cost a thing! And makes you look absolutely gorgeous.

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