Spontaneous day out….

went amazingly well in the end:-). We missed our first train by a whisker’s breath. But made it to Ely in plenty of time to have a stroll along the riverfront and have icrecream in the local park. After which I pushed two heavy children up the open greens to the massive cathedral and the vintage car display on the church grounds. Nothing like a 1930s 130cc seablue Jaguar to get my pulse racing. Aaaa. There’s just something about putting a sports car into fifth gear that does it for me:-)./ But I digress :-):-):-).Calm down Candy he he.

Kids played beautifully  on the green and in the musuem and we then spent an hour in the pub digesting fish and chips and mushy peas with copious amounts of orange juice and lemonade. My son quizzed me on the origins of chocolate while my daughter coloured in the children’s menu left on the table.

They were quite well behaved actually. The wedding party and other couples around us were very impressed as my two were the only kids there:-). This is England I laughed and replied. They’ve… my kid…have been going to the pub from they were babies. And I have no intention of stopping just because I’ve had them: -). Besides kids only model the behavior they see. And I try to be on my best behaviour always. :-):-):-). Honestly.:-):-):-)

After our lazy lunch we stopped in a few charity shops on the way back to the station to top up their reading supplies. I was so chuffed at this progression in our relationship ( me being about to browse in peace and quiet while they sat in the books end reading)/that I told them to pick our a recycled toy as well:-). Tired and happy we all made our way back to the platform and on train home playing ‘I spy’ during the journey home.

Ones now asleep. Another one to go. And then this tired mamma is taking herself downstairs for a late night movie and toffee popcorn:-). Hope you had a good day too everyone.

Next stop. Next time might be London:-). Who knows:-) only my wanderlust spirit.



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Live. Love. Forgive. Life's too short not to give yourself another chance. Peace and blessings be with you always. And remember to smile a while sometimes:-). Doesn't cost a thing! And besides...it makes you look absolutely gorgeous.

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