A quick way to

scare yourself first thing in the morning : try Google searching what you think might be wrong. An even  quicker way to piss your pants( no pun intended 🙂 ) try adding images to your search results. My poor right hand. It’s swollen again and still painful. Something’s not right with it and I’ll find out this morning  when I see the consultant. I tried resting it up. But it’s pretty difficult to do when one lives alone with two small kids and no family support whatsoever except nursery. I try not to think about it and just take each day as it comes. I’ve come too far. Survived too much to give in or have a pity party now. God is my strength and my shield. My trust is in him. He will see me through. He will see you through whatever you’re going through as well. Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. Never surrender. Blessings and peace be with you always. Lots of love from a deeply overcast, cloudy and windy England.


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Live. Love. Forgive. Life's too short not to give yourself another chance. Peace and blessings be with you always. And remember to smile a while sometimes:-). Doesn't cost a thing! And besides...it makes you look absolutely gorgeous.

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