Just back

from the hospital with my right hand up in a sling after two and a half days of iv antibiotics. Turns out my cross was badly infected and needed more than just a pot of coffee!:-):-) come on. If you can’t laugh at yourself you might as well ask someone for a tickle instead:-):-). O I’ll live. Don’t think life’s done with me yet. Gulp. Hopefully. …

Have a good one. Aaaaa. So nice to be back home. Thank you Lord. I’ve been ordered to ignore the housework. Turn the tv on and keep my right arm up. I think I can just about manage that. Don’t you? :-). See? Doesn’t cost a penny to smile. So stop and smile awhile with me. God bless you.


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Live. Love. Forgive. Life's too short not to give yourself another chance. Peace and blessings be with you always. And remember to smile a while sometimes:-). Doesn't cost a thing! And besides...it makes you look absolutely gorgeous.

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