Music plays

softly in the background. Kids finish the last of their breakfast watching cartoons. Gray clouds flutter by in a still open sky. Birds nestle on overhead wires. Newspaper delivery just pokes a paper through my letterbox. Cows huddled together in an open field that stretches on forever. The top of the church spire peeks over the head of my hedge. Mind glows brighly from a lazy afternoon pub lunch taken yesterday with friends:-). Coffee steam temptingly in my cup and me picking it up after my morning’s meditations, smile to myself with deep everlasting peace. I feel it. From the tips of toes to the ends of my fingers. Pun intended. Such peace. Such joy. Creeping up on me from the past few days. Such sweet surrender. That I am okay. The kids are okay. And that come what may as long as we have life and is one with the creation and universe itself, we will always be okay. Survivor. Overcomer. Victorious.

My goodness we made it. I made it. Safely through to the other side. And you can too. Have a beautiful weekend:-). And be blessed.. Always. I leave you with another poem


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Live. Love. Forgive. Life's too short not to give yourself another chance. Peace and blessings be with you always. And remember to smile a while sometimes:-). Doesn't cost a thing! And makes you look absolutely gorgeous.

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