It’s been said that too much

of something can be a bad thing. Even a good thing! Quite silly really. Considering that we’ve had two glorious spells of sunshine in the past two days and even hotter weather predicted for the two days this weekend, does this make me a very bad girl indeed for enjoying it so tremendously? I mean bad. Really really bad. Got off work the day before around 2pm. Walked straight past my housework. Propped open the sun lounger my neighbour gave to me. Vigorously shaked off my blue checkered picnic blanket. Delightfully laid out a spread of cold cut meats and bread and fruit and cheese to nibble on:-). Aaaaa :-). Tossed on my wide brimmed straw pink end trimmed hat. Excitedly crackled open the first page of my historical romance novel I’ve been dying to read. And last but by no means least proceeded to enthusiastically throw myself unto the sun lounger with my face but in one position: up! :-). Heehe

Could barely tear myself away from the open windows all day yesterday. I’ve entered myself into a 10,000 steps a day pedometer challenge work is hosting. Only put it on after lunch and I’d already done 4,100 before I went to bed! It’s already on this morning so I’ll let you know how much steps I’ve done later. I’ve also signed up a local charity 5k run and I intend to drop my bicycle off for repairs before washing my front fence. I’m getting it repainted and renamed.

And then I intend to meet a friend for lunch at a local hotel and maybe another friend for tea. All females I’m afraid. I’m still sadly unfortunately unrequitely stuck on and madly in love with one person.But never you mind or say aaaaa:-( hehe, I’ve made my peace with it and let it go. Felt very mischievous yesterday ( too much sunshine I tell you:-)) and tried warming up to someone who was being pointedly flirtatious with me. But I couldn’t even say hello or do small talk properly. Felt like I was going to be ill. Wretchedly so. Had to walk off mid convervation and go wash my face. Looked at every guy who walked through those hospital doors yesterday. Even the male staff themselves. And felt nothing. Absolutely not even a twinge of somnething other than the urge to be violently ill. Or queasy. Think of him. And my whole insides melt like butter. And liquid heat. Dear God help me. But it appears I’m well and truly spoken for in my heart mind and body. Hence all the exercising. Took a vow of chastity year before last so need to find someway to get rid of this excess energy before I go mad! Hehee.

Had a fab breakfast of scrambled eggs. Toast. Fruit and steaming hot coffee.Read my newspaper from front to back in perfect peace:-) aaaaa 🙂 And I’m just sitting here looking out over the fields and beyond with a massive grin on my face and tingles all over my body anticipating the day ahead. Sunshine. Sunshine. Sunshine. And then some more sunshine:-). What more could a girl possibly want?:-) don’t answer that. I’m in a good mood. A really really good mood. And I intend to be a bad girl. A very very bad girl stretched out on my sunlounger later face up to the sun thinking of nothing but past warm hugs and a handsomely rugged face:-) aaaa. Yes. Too much of a good thing. A bad thing indeed.

But I will leave you a poem. Take care and God bless from this sunny patch in England.


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Live. Love. Forgive. Life's too short not to give yourself another chance. Peace and blessings be with you always. And remember to smile a while sometimes:-). Doesn't cost a thing! And makes you look absolutely gorgeous.

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