A quick way to

scare yourself first thing in the morning : try Google searching what you think might be wrong. An even  quicker way to piss your pants( no pun intended 🙂 ) try adding images to your search results. My poor right hand. It’s swollen again and still painful. Something’s not right with it and I’ll find out this morning  when I see the consultant. I tried resting it up. But it’s pretty difficult to do when one lives alone with two small kids and no family support whatsoever except nursery. I try not to think about it and just take each day as it comes. I’ve come too far. Survived too much to give in or have a pity party now. God is my strength and my shield. My trust is in him. He will see me through. He will see you through whatever you’re going through as well. Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. Never surrender. Blessings and peace be with you always. Lots of love from a deeply overcast, cloudy and windy England.

Tonight’s poem by Candy


I long for the way

things were,

before time and sensibility took over.

And naivety and rot

set in.

And arguments.

And love lost.

 And dividing lines.

And disagreements.

And ending  up all alone

on a Sunday  morning

With no one to go to the coast with.

Or even wake up next to.

I long for the way

things could be.

With someone who cared.

Warm arms to hold me.

And a safe haven

to return to,

after this long hard day was over.




There’s a little


bird that pecks in the grass and comes up very close to me every time I go to sit outside on my sun lounger. This has been going on since last year June after my confirmation into the Church of England. But it was only after I got out of hospital on the weekend that she came right up to me almost eye to eye and then she hovered around for a good ten minutes before I chased her away.

Mum passed away last January. She used to love watching the birds in my front and back garden. She said if she ever came back, it would be as a bird to watch over me!

I’ve taken to naming my bird Charlotte and told the village’s cat that if he even thinks about it I’ll have him!:-):-):-)/ But she only shows up when I’m outside. And once even while my daughter was there with me. She was highly amused and fascinated. I hope she’s not expecting every bird to come walking up to her when she calls as she grows older :-):-):-)

Right thumb still a pain but I soldier on.



There are a million other  things that could grab my attention today to make me feel miserable. But I choose not to let them. Even the weeds poking up amongst my paving slabs looked beautiful yesterday as I stretched out on my sun lounger, one arm up in the air. Anyone would think I was hailing down a New York cab or trying to  grab some waiter’s attention!More ice please 🙂 :-). Well you’d better laugh or cry my mum used to say.

Sometimes when you think you’re too busy, life has a way of making you slow right down. 

So slow down I shall. All week life spares ….as I watch my weeds explode into magnificent  color across my lawn and back garden. The lucky devils.:-)

Here’s to hoping you have a good week ahead too.


Tonight’s Poem for you by Candy


I anchor myself.

To the open sky.

And wide green earth.

And budding trees,

and spring slowly appearing

on lime green leaves.

I anchor myself.

To the words of my pen

And lines of emotions

Swirling within.

I anchor myself.

To the birds and the bees

And good days coming

To dwell as I please.

I anchor myself.


So that my thoughts




Away. (Poof!)