There’s a clear blue sky

outside my front room window this morning. A bird flying overhead. The top of my play swings and bits of my fruit trees. Calm. Serene. Beautiful. A little boy on my armchair going hurry up mum I’d like the tablet now and a little girl watching Frozen in her dressing gown asking for more blueberries. I glance outside my window and say to myself. Peace be still. Peace be still. Peace be still. Until my emotions settle and an inner quietness fill my soul. I smile then get up. Ready to face the day. If I’m lucky enough in one harmonious piece by the end of the day. The vicar is coming by at 10am to bless our house. And then I’ll take the kids out for a play date later. It is only 7:25am but I already feel alone. I seek love. Feel love. Need love. But it alludes me still behind my painted smiles and broken heart. So I go back to watching the open skies and blue streaks and swaying trees secure in the knowledge that as a child of the universe love will find its way to me.